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Bahu Begum 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bahu Begum 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update, Watch Full Episode HD on Tellyspot.com

The Episode begins with Surayya coming to Razia and apologizing to her. She suggests make me your Servant, but don’t deliver me to Sultanpur.

Razia states you are my Devrani and asks her to respect herself. Surayya claims I belong into a royal relatives, but I don’t have any respect. Just then they listen to Asgar deliver Dilruba towards the hall and beating him.

Asgar asks how dare you to think that I will keep a transgender with me. Shayra comes and tells which you can’t beat him and behave inhumanly with him. She states you’ll be able to’t even contact Dilruba. Asgar claims I don’t speak with such a lady like you and it is going to slap her, but Razia will come and retains his hand. She claims how dare you to lift hand on my daughter and would be Bhopal’s bahu begum. She claims it is good that the hand is Fortunate not to the touch Shayra else it could

are actually removed from your shoulder. She says for those who do that all over again then you won’t obtain a spot to hide in this complete globe and swears God. Noor asks what occurred? Razia claims Asgar stopped his hand else I would’ve ruined you. She suggests how dare he to lift hand on Shayra. Asgar asks her to ask Shayra what transpired. Razia asks Mashuqa what happened? Mashuqa tells that Dilruba needed to drop by Sultanpur as he enjoys him. Razia states just a small matter. Asgar asks how can he believe a person like me will take him with me. Razia suggests did he request nearly anything. Asgar suggests This is certainly Erroneous. Razia says appreciate just isn’t Incorrect and tells that manpower isn’t to boost hand on everyone. She tells that soon after whatsoever he did with Dilruba, she will be able to’t Enable him remain here in your house and he shall head over to Sultanpur.

Surayya asks her never to punish them for Asgar’s error. Razia pushes her and tells that she will be able to stay with human beings, but not which has a demon and asks them to leave the home. Asgar shouts contacting her by her identify Razia. Razia will get stunned and stops. Asgar concerns her and claims it is actually enough of your drama. You’re Bhopal’s bahu begum, although not I’m not your Servant. He says This really is my residence also, And that i will likely not go, I’ll see who kicks me out from here. He is about to go within when Razia shouts at him and asks him to stop. She claims twenty five many years ago, I came to Bhopal following marriage and other people accustomed to simply call me bahu rani after which you can bahu begum, but no one dared to call me by my title. She suggests these days you named me by my name, go to dargah and existing a chadar as Azaan is not really at home. Asgar suggests he is not frightened of her son and asks her to phone him. Razia states this is not wanted, as I’m by yourself more than enough to take care of you. Asgar asks if a lonely lady will prevent me. Shayra says she is not by itself. Asgar states today I’ll say and she’s going to listen to. Noor asks him to mind his tongue and claims In the event your bones crack in outdated age then it will never repair service. Asgar phone calls her naukrani ki beti.

Khalid will come there and asks what is going on. Razia suggests you are heading with all your mom and dad. Asgar suggests I’m not heading any place. Razia claims she is bahu begum. Khalid asks Noor to say anything, but Shayra stops him and pushes him inquiring not to dare arrive in close proximity to Noor. Mashuqa and Dilruba convey Asgar, Surayya and Khalid’s things. Surayya falls on her ft. Razia asks her to leave with regard. Asgar says Razia’s husband and son married 2 times. He asks her to think about her respect and phone calls her an abandoned female. Razia will get offended and slaps him. He falls on the bottom.

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They all get stunned looking at the outdated Girl, whom Surayya achieved that working day. The aged Girl smiles. Asgar will get up and sees her. He says you may have come. Razia states you…Surayya handles her head using a dupatta. The Woman phone calls herself Qazala and suggests even if Loss of life concerns our residence, we invite it and also you are dying to welcome your saas in your home. Surayya smiles. Qazala asks if she has overlooked that she is her bahu. Razia claims sorry and asks her to come back inside. Qazala suggests like I will not likely enter in case you don’t say. Asgar claims it is good that you just arrived and says this Razia…Qazala slaps him and states you shall not get Bhabhi’s identify together with your mouth. She says Here is the reward for taking the identify of the bhabhi and slaps him all over again for insulting bahu begum. Asgar suggests you didn’t determine what she did. Qazala claims she may not have done Erroneous as our bahu under no circumstances does everything wrong even by miscalculation. Razia suggests you came immediately after so a few years and asks her to come back within. Qazala asks her to tell to start with why she was kicking out her son.

Precap: Azaan claims you have occur, but didn’t do any drama nonetheless. Qazala says now you may have arrive, I will do the tamasha now. She thinks to break Azaan, Shayra and Noor’s unity.

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