Today I will inform you approximately what is Image Optimization and some of the mistakes which you guys make while using photographs for your weblog. Most human beings do not know-how plenty of the role of image optimization is inside the on-web page SEO, due to which organic site visitors do not come on their blog and their ranking in google search engine is not increased.

Image optimization is a very crucial element of on-page SEO, due to which your snapshots also rank and it offers you, organic site visitors. If you put the image without optimizing, then the quest engine does no longer realize due to which your picture is not able to rank, so it’s far very crucial to optimize the search engine.

What Is Image Optimization?

You will understand SEO has two techniques wherein on-web page and off-page comes and picture optimization is an on-page search engine optimization approach wherein you need to optimize the photos which you use in your weblog.

If you need to rank your weblog quickly, then you need to try this work due to the fact very often your put up does not rank, but even supposing the picture of that put up is ranked, you get accurate traffic. When you search a topic on Google, then related photos come from it, it’s far ranking all those which have been placed on a few weblog or internet site on which humans click on and visit their weblog.


Image Compression

You want to pay a lot of interest to this because in case you use an image on your blog, then its size is very high, due to which the loading pace of your internet site increases.

If you download and use a photograph, then its dimensions are very high, which you need to use by way of resizing in step with your block. You also can use an online device website to compress your images, so that the size of your photograph will work in no time. I continually use tinypng.Com for image compress

Image Format

Images are of diverse kinds and are in distinctive formats like jpg, png, gif, etc. But the picture we use is better in jpg due to the fact its size may be very small and it hundreds quickly. If you operate some other format image, it takes time to load, which slows down the rate of your webpage.

Rename Images

It is very essential to rename the photograph before the usage of it on your weblog because in case you download the picture from somewhere, it’s far something like “abbns927.Jpg” which isn’t SEO friendly. So you have to exchange its name so that the quest engine can easily understand what your image is about. You should hold in mind that you always have to store the photograph from your foremost keyword.

Use Relevant Image Only

Whatever image you are using has to be relevant in your blog, because of this it ought to now not happen that you are telling something else and the image is getting used by someone else. This also spoils the consumer experience, because people who’ve come for your website due to seeing your image, they do now not grow to be glad and close your weblog in some seconds. Due to which the bounce charge of your weblog increases and the ranking of your blog starts offevolved decreasing, so usually use pics that are much like your topic.


I hope you’ve got understood what we’ve told you approximately Image Optimization and alongside that, you have also told how to optimize the photograph. Gave statistics about some such mistakes that human beings make errors while the usage of the photo so you can keep away from that mistake. So if you know the whole lot and the information is good, then proportion it with anybody so that they can also get the records.

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