Hello Friends! In today’s post, we are going to know how to increase organic traffic to your blog in 2020?

For some time now, backlinks have played a very important role in the Google ranking of your blog. Today, the importance of backlinks has increased but now you can improve your Google rankings just by creating high-quality backlinks. Or the quality of the content or the on-page SEO of the website has increased a lot or something like this has changed from the point of view of SEO of blogs or websites in 2020 which we will talk about in today’s post. 

You know that Google is constantly updating its user experience to improve its user experience. This is because of the fact that if you try to rank your blog or website on the first page of Google, you may end up with a big loss. So I request you to use the right way to get your blog or website to the first page of Google. It may take you a while but you will get a lot of Google traffic to your blog or website in the long run.

Here are the top 10 SEO tips:

1:Set up all the important SEO tools or plugins

Whenever you create your blog for the first time, you need to install 3 important SEO tools and plugins on your WordPress.

  • Google Search console
  • Google Analytics
  • Set Up Yoast SEO Plugin

2: Find keywords your visitors are searching for:

The most important or first step in blog SEO is to find a keyword related to your topic that your visitors are searching for on Google. Now the question is how to find such keywords?

You may have noticed that whenever you do a search on Google’s search bar, Google phrases start giving you some suggestions, which are the same suggestions that you are searching for in Google.

So you have to use this method, whatever topic you want to write a blog post on, use it in Google’s search bar or just press enter, or keep your main keyword always a long tail.

There are also some keyword research tools out there that are free and some are paid. The free tool is a Google keyword planner that you can use because it tells you about the Google keyword itself or you can use Ubersuggest.

3: Keyword Optimize Content

The 3rd tip is to find your keyword and now you have to optimize that keyword correctly in your article.

The following is a list of some of the key points you should use in your article. 

  • Title Tag

All you have to do is use your own keyword in the title of your article, just like your main keyword. 

  • Use the main keyword in the first paragraph and last paragraph:

You have to use your main keyword in the first paragraph of your article or you have to use your main keyword in the last paragraph of your article.

  • Use the main keyword in Article URL

You can use your keyword in your article, URL which is also called permalink or try to keep the url of your article as small as possible.

  • Use the main keyword in H1, H2 and H3 Heading

Use your own keyword in the H1, H2, or H3 heading of the article. Even though the title of your article is already H1, you have to use your keyword H2, H3.

  • Find and Fix Technical SEO Problem

Whenever you look at the ranking factor of your website in the Google search console, it shows you some technical issues and you have to fix them because these issues also affect your Google ranking.

  • optimize your blog or website mobile-friendly

Today the value of mobiles is very high or if your blog or website is not open from mobile then your ranking is low in google so make your blog mobile-friendly.

Mobile-First Index is also the ranking signal of Google.

  • Improve your blog or website loading speed

How long it takes to open your blog or website is also a very important factor in keeping your blog or website loading speed fast in Google ranking.

You can always use images in your article to compress the image. Don’t use too many plugins or delete useless files. Don’t use too many images or videos on your website or blog.

You will find many free tools in Google that allow you to check the loading speed of your blog or website. 

5: Create high-quality content

In the world of the internet, there is only one king whose content is super, so wherever he goes, “content is king”, so whenever you want to write an article, you can write in any subject using in-depth.

High-Quality Content means that whenever a visitor enters your article with a query related to your topic, use all the confusion to read your article to make it clear and keep your article simple so that the user can easily understand. or lower your bounce rate, which will help your Google ranking a lot.

You can also use relay videos, images, or infographics from your article in 2020. This will also help you improve your Google ranking.

6: Create High-quality Backlink

In a short time, if you make a high backlink to your blog through Forums, Directory, or Web-2.0, you will probably get top ranking in Google.

But now if you do this in 2020, you will not get Google rank, but you will need a penalty. So in 2020 you only have high-quality backlinks. 

7: Increase your Followers in a social media platform

Today you know that after Google people are more using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This will allow you to create related pages from your blog on all social media platforms or regularly share your posts or increase your followers.

In 2020, Google will rank top blogs or websites that have genuine followers on social media.

8: Update your Article

If you want to rank at the top of Google in 2020, you have to update your article because there are many fast updates in the internet world or everyone likes fresh content, so you should also update your old article regularly. are sure to improve your google pr ranking significantly.

9: Create Content Regular Basis

All you have to do is make your article a quality article or at the same time publish your articles on a regular basis. So Google tells you that this blog or website is working regularly which will get you a higher ranking in Google.

10: Keep Passions and learn more

SEO is a very broader concept, so you can learn it quickly, so you will have to work with passions or you will always have to learn something, but you will be able to practice SEO from your blog.

You will also need to analyze your blog to see which articles are ranking you or for what reason. In addition to this, you have to monitor or learn the activities of famous bloggers related to your topic in the market. You will also be able to create your own blog or website.


Friends! I hope you understand from this article that in 2020 you will be able to get organic traffic to your blog from Google. If you have any information or suggestions about this post, you can comment on it.


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