An SEO friendly blog post means that you write the article for your reader but use it for search engine optimization. If you write an SEO optimization blog post, you get a lot of traffic from search engines.

In an SEO friendly blog post, you use some of the techniques of SEO in your article which gives more value to your article on search optimization and your blog post comes to the search engine immediately! Whenever you write a post, try to make sure your post is SEO optimized.

Today I will tell you some of the amazing methods that you can use to get your blog post high rank on search engines by writing 100 Friendly posts.

Know the keyword of your blog post

Whenever you write an article on your blog, first of all, know the target keyword of that article. Don’t write an article without the keyword of the post. You must use the Google AdWords tool to determine the keyword for your post.

Use the google Adword tool to select the target keyword for your post and optimize it for your post. Whenever you select the keyword for your blog post, make sure that you do not select the popular keyword because the popular keyword is already optimized so select the keyword with less traffic.

Keywords should be less than 3500-4000 monthly searches. This way you can select some low traffic keywords and write them on a piece of paper and when you start writing an article.

Where to place keywords in the SEO Friendly Blog Post?

Once you have selected your keyword and noted it on paper, you should always add it to the best place in your article. The more keywords you add to your post, the better your post will be for SEO optimization, but here are some suggestions on how to place your best keyword:

Enter your best keyword here

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description 
  • Permalink 
  • Image Optimize ALT Tag
  • H2, H3 Subheading 
  • Interlink 
  • Keyword Density 

In order to understand this or that, it is very important for you to know how On-Page optimization works.

Make a Backlink to Your Post

When you write and publish your blog post, try to create as many backlinks as possible for your blog post. You can create a backlink for your blog post by commenting or guest posting. Comment your post on your niche blog and so that you can write a new article on that topic and make a guest post.

And don’t forget to add an interlink to your blog post is a guest post.

You also need to know the benefits of guest posting, so that you can use it properly.

Don’t forget to share the article on popular social media sites, it will also be a backlink to your blog post. Don’t forget to publish your blog post on social bookmarking sites and high ranking article submission sites.

The backlink page is also very smart. You must use the legal method to backlink a blog post. This way you can make your blog post more SEO backlinks to make it SEO friendly, but one thing to keep in mind, High-Quality backlinks have more value!

Do Keyword Research with Google AdWords

You should choose your keyword from the keyword Adword tool if you have to invest some money to do keyword research then you can use “Long Tail Keyword”.

If you are a new blogger then Google AdWords tool is great for you because it is available to you for free and its keywords have more search visibility!

Google AdWords is also very easy to use. And anyone can use it. If you write a blog post without doing any keyword research, you will not get a good result on search engine optimization, so always write a keyword search and post a blog post. and choose the Google AdWords tool for your keyword research.

You can also use the website if you don’t like the Google Keyword Tool.

Optimize your image for search engines

The image of your blog post can give you great traffic from Google, Bing, and also make your blog post a perfect SEO friendly post. To do this you need to optimize the image of your blog post for search engines.

To optimize the image of your blog post, you need to enter the ALT tag description in your image. You must add a search term or a keyword to the ALT tag description of your blog image.

The higher the image or the keyword in the ALT tag, the more traffic you will get from the search engine. Imagine a blog post to make your blog post an SEO friendly post. 

Before using an image in a blog, you need to compress the image to make it smaller or your site load faster.

Here you will find complete information about SEO, which I have explained in every topic of SEO. If you have a Tip or Trick in addition to your Pass that can rank your Post in Search Engines, be sure to comment or share this information with anyone.


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