We use search engines to get results that we are looking for. Each search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo has some differences between them the way they perform searches. So we often like to use various search engines to get different types of results. But what happens if all the search engines start giving the same result for a particular keyword or a search term. Then there is no point in people using various search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

When search engines are giving the same results for a search term then that means one search engine is copying or replicating the search algorithm of another. In this case, we know Google is the number one search engine with a market share of over 90% and then followed by Microsoft Bing. So obviously here it is the Bing which is trying to copy Google. This charge is officially made by Google on Bing. They accused Bing saying Microsoft is using IE toolbars to monitor what users are searching and clicking on at Google, and later this information is used by Microsoft to improve Bing’s search results.

Google even confronted Microsoft with substantial proof, for a keyword like “hiybbprqag” Bing is showing the same results as Google search is showing. As a matter of fact, Google spends billions of dollars for its R & D to develop highly sophisticated search algorithms. Hence what is the point in spending such amount of money when you can simply copy somebody else? That is what Bing is doing here. Therefore in the future, this may encourage small search engine companies to copy other more successful search engines.

But wait a minute this can be a one-sided view because Microsoft is defending their position. Microsoft said they are collecting data from users via MSN Toolbar and Windows Live Toolbar since 2007. Hence this is no secret. Moreover, the toolbars collected information about search queries and how long users spent time on particular pages. When a user with Bing toolbar is clicking on a page for a particular search result then Microsoft is going to notice it and those results are going to fed into the Bing search engine algorithm. Therefore Microsoft is not at all apologetic.

It seems Google is really agitated but Microsoft says this is ethical and they have done nothing wrong. I personally tend to agree with Microsoft because everyone copies someone or at least they do take some inspiration. For example, Apple copied the Delicious Library design and even FaceBook copies every good startup in Silicon Valley. Thus go ahead Microsoft!

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