1. Eldorado Gold – With the price of gold on a multi-year tear to bubble-like heights, Canada-based Eldorado has been broadening its global reach, acquiring two new operating mines in China. The first North American gold mining company to operate in that country, Eldorado also targets locations in Turkey, Greece, and Brazil for exploration and development and is planning a broader push in South America.

2. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters – Forget about coffee by the pot. Green Mountain is buzzing along by convincing a growing number of java heads to fuel their habit one “K-Cup” at a time. The makers of Keurig single-serving brewing systems, which have become fixtures in offices and hotel rooms, Green Mountain shipped 1.6 billion K-Cups in 2009, a 63% surge from the prior year.

3. Ebix – This IT consulting and outsourcing concern serves more than 100 insurance industry clients in some 50 countries. Areas of expertise include running online exchanges for insurance policies and annuities, claims processing, and to build custom software solutions. How fast is Ebix growing? The company posted $12.4 million in profits for the first quarter of this year — roughly what it earned in all of 2007.

4. Salesforce.com – Salesforce.com’s brash CEO, Marc Benioff, has long been an acolyte of so-called cloud-computing, the practice of renting, in this case, enterprise software over the Internet. Salesforce.com’s cloud-offerings include all-in-one applications to manage sales and customer service. Its Sales Cloud 2 and Service Cloud 2 products allow clients to access account information, troubleshoot service requests, and collaborate with other members of the team in real-time through one platform.

5. KapStone Paper and Packaging – KapStone produces more than 300 types of kraft paper, used to make fast food carry-out bags, grocery sacks, folding cartons, gift baskets, and even floors. The paper and packaging powerhouse boosted its client list from 100 to 400-plus companies with the 2008 acquisition of the kraft division of giant MeadWestvaco.

6. SXC Health Solutions – This Health care IT software and service provider helps government agencies, unions, health plans, and pharmacies manage drug benefits. It offers software for processing claims and managing drug prescriptions and dispensing.

7. First Solar – Since its founding 11 years ago, First Solar (see “Rising Stars”) has emerged as the world’s largest supplier of photovoltaic solar panels, according to IMS Research. The Arizona-based firm, which provides “thin-film” panels for solar projects in Germany, Japan, and Italy, has recently expanded to China. In the past two years, it’s also made a push into the U.S. utility-scale market by acquiring rivals NextLight and OptiSolar.

8. Pegasystems – Pegasystems provides business management software for large organizations, focusing on financial services, insurance, and healthcare. The company counts HSBC, Aetna, and Allstate among its more than 100 clients and boasts ten consecutive quarters of record revenues.

9. Bucyrus International – Bucyrus International makes giant shovels and other equipment for mining coal, copper, iron ore, and other minerals. With more than 70% of sales for projects outside the U.S., the Milwaukee-based company kept revenues growing last year amid low commodities prices and tough credit conditions.

10. HMS Holdings – HMS Holdings’ subsidiaries contract with state and federal agencies to recover health care claims, detect fraud, and coordinate pharmacy services. The firm mines medical claims, insurance information, and other data to dig up instances of payment errors and waste.


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