The purpose of blogging is to make sure that every serious blogger wants his visitors to come to his blog, read his post carefully, and stay focused on his blog for as long as possible. To say that the rate of bounce is low .. then let us know what is bounce rate and what it means?

If you are a new blogger and you also want visitors to be busy on your blog/website for a long time, then it is time to check the bounce rate of the site.

Bounce Rate is a Google Ranking Factor which is very important for ranking a post in Google.

Before reducing the bounce rate, you need to understand what a bounce rate is. Let’s know what is this bounce rate or how does it work.

Some new visitors come to your blog every day, some from Google results, some from social media, some from referral links, some of them are visitors who stay on your blog for a long time or return to open your site.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your blog, but without clicking on any page, they are immediately removed from your site.

This means that the bounce rate is higher than the number of visitors coming and going, the higher the number, the more likely it is that there is a lot of traffic from the same site or it is just as bad for a website owner.

There can be many reasons for this. So it is important to understand that the lower the bounce rate for your site, the better.

High reasons for the high bounce rate:

  • Website design not good
  • Website loading time splits
  • Design is not responsive
  • Low power content
  • Content mining
  • Not having the right content

How to Find Bounce Rate?

Google Analytics is a product of Google that we can easily use to find out about our users, the number of visitors from which country, the number of page views, or the bounce rate. It also provides information on how long the visitor has been staying on the page. I think every blogger should use this product from Google.

As I mentioned, you can track the bounce rate using Google Analytics, so you need to login to your Google Analytics account.

In Google Analytics, go to Reporting, go to Site Content> All Pages, you will have all the information. You can see what percentage of visitors are bouncing from your blog.

What should be the bounce rate?

If the bounce rate of the site is more than 35% then you need to be a little serious because your traffic comes to your site and goes back for some reason which is not a good thing at all.

If the bounce rate is more than 50% then this is a matter of concern and you should start fixing it immediately.

Consider the amount of time a visitor spends on the site, or if it does not stop at the site, then consider our efforts. 

Methods To Reduce The Bounce Rate

1: Superb Web Design

Your readers are not designers, but they have a good understanding of web design. If your web design does not work properly, you may want to change it if you have already used the colors in the article or are running animation on a poor site.

The simple design will work even if you don’t know much about web designing.

2: Amazing Content

Provide content that contains the right information and keeps visitors engaged. Enter what the visitor wants.

3: Use of multimedia

Use images, gifs, audio, and videos to make your site interesting, and nowadays infographics are in trend and you can use them too.

4: Load Time

Loading time is very important to reduce the bounce rate, because no one likes to wait, if the site does not load quickly, they will close it.

So keep an eye on the site for fast loading, or limit the number of images and multimedia you use.

5: Interlinking

Include links to Provost posts in your articles so that your visitors can notice more posts. 

6: Choose Right Keywords 

It is very important to have the right keywords. If you have used the right keywords then the right visitors will reach you and show your interest on your site.

7: User Friendly

User Friendly means that the format of your post is the one that is easy to read.

8: Mobile-Friendly Design

The blog must be responsive, and its usability must be for every device and every browser. Since 2014, most users have been browsing the website on their smartphone, instead of opening it on a computer or PC.

9: More words article

Write a long post showing the short paragraph. No one likes to read too many articles. Your article should be 500-600 words.

But it is not necessary to write the article ..  means to write the article as long as you can .. but the information of your article should be such that it can be readable and authentic .. you have to waste your time writing anything wrong.

10: Post Title 

Write the title of the post or write it so that you can understand what is in the post.

11: First Paragraph

Whenever you write an article, try to clarify it as soon as possible so that you can explain what you have said in that article.

12: Commenting

If you have written a great article or if someone will read it, then If possible, ask your visitors to comment and let them know.

This will reduce the bounce rate so that even after reading that article, you will pause or stop commenting on your site.

13: Category 

This is a mistake that makes a new Blogger by mistake .. means the topic on which you have a blog, if you just submit his article, anyone who has read his information will also get complete information .. but if you mix all the categories. The article will be published so that the visitor will not be able to understand it or it will be removed from the blog.

14: Number of Pages

One of the reasons for increasing the bounce rate is that the number of posts on your site is less. What will happen if the visitor has less pass option then it will go away quickly.

15: Use Search Box 

The search box in the blog is very important because if a user comes to your site or wants some information from your blog, the search box is the only way to find it, or if there is no search box He will also be able to visit our site. which will increase the bounce rate.


So friends, now you know what is Bounce Rate or how to reduce Bounce Rate, you can do whatever it takes to get more visitors to your site, stay on your site, or bounce rate of your site. Here are some basic tips to reduce the bounce rate of your site/blog. If you feel that this post contains useful information, please do not forget to share this post with us. Also, if you have a good idea to reduce the bounce rate, then use it in the comments section.

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