A plotter can be used to produce high quality, correct or larger drawings. Plotters are used to provide graphs or diagrams. They are commonly used for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAM) applications, along with printing out plans for homes or car components and maps of bigger sizes. The plotter’s print-head consists of a number of pens of specific hues that draw lines at the print media in line with the commands obtained from the laptop system. Some plotters are electrostatic which function in addition to a Laser printer however on a larger scale.

Type of Plotters:

There are three types of plotters:

  • Drum Plotter
  • Flat-Bed Plotter
  • Electrostatic Plotters

Drum Plotters

In drum plotters, the pen is moved in a single axis track and the paper itself moves on a cylindrical drum. The printing pen keeps drawing as the print media keeps moving forward on the drum. The size of the graph is therefore limited only by the width of the drum and can be of any length.

Flatbed Plotter

This is a plotter where the paper is fixed on a flat surface and pens are moved to draw the image. This the plotter can use several different color pens to draw with. In a flatbed plotter, the print media size is limited to the length and width of the plotter’s bed dimensions.

Electrostatic Plotter:

An Electrostatic Plotter produces a raster (dot-based) image by charging the paper with a high voltage. This voltage attracts toner (ink) which is then melted into the paper with heat. This type Of plotter allows us to draw detailed mages like printers on a wide scale. Modem flex printing machines example of electrostatic plotters.

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